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Services We Offer...
Home Theaters and Media Rooms


See and hear precisely what was intended by the artists you enjoy. Our THX-certified designers have the expertise, creativity, and craftsmanship to exceed the theater-going experience. We’ll work with you to design a look and feel that complements your personal lifestyle. And for many, that means a comfortable, all-purpose media room rather than a dedicated home theater. We specialize in matching your needs with the best audio and video equipment that can provide function and enjoyment for everyone.

Home Control


If your coffee table is lined with six remote controls, and you can’t figure out which one turns the DVD player on, we’ve got your solution. Home control devices put an end to remote overload. With one reliable and user-friendly device, anyone in your family can operate your entertainment system, digital music, lights, thermostat, shades, and more.

Lighting Control


Light establishes a mood. It can make your home more appealing. But it can also make your home safer and more convenient. Imagine having one lighting scheme for dinnertime, and another for after-dinner drinks. Or pushing one button and turning off every light in the house whenever you leave. And never being greeting by a dark house when you get back. Whether you are building a new home or upgrading an existing system, we’ll tailor a lighting solution perfect for you.

Entry Systems


Our entry systems can be standalone or integrated into your phone system, so that when someone rings the doorbell, your phone rings. You can pick up to speak to the visitor, or press a button to open the gate. Add video capability, and you can see who’s there. Or program your doorbell or phone to pause the music system so you never miss a ring, no matter how loud you like your music. Together, we can customize a solution to your specific needs.

Security, Surveillance, and Monitoring


With cameras in and around your home, you can monitor activities whether you’re in the house or halfway around the globe. We can route your security system through a central monitoring system, alerting you via email or text message of events that you set. So say the temperature in your wine cellar exceeds a certain level. Or there’s a water leak. You and your plumber can both be notified. And, if integrated with your home control system, you can adjust the temperature or shut the water off remotely.

Cable and Networking


A network is a home’s central nervous system. We’ll help lay a solid and reliable foundation that’s ready for today’s technology, and tomorrow’s. Our experience has shown a hard-wired solution almost always works best. So why not wireless? For most home entertainment and communications applications, wireless should only be used if it is not feasible or cost effective to get a wire to a location. Either way, we will work with you to find a networking solution.

Telephone Systems


Have you ever had to yell across the house to find someone? Or wished you could turn off certain ringers at night? What if you could monitor your baby’s room from any phone? Our customized phone systems can meet a range of needs, from a simple one-line handset all the way to a multi-line, multi-zone system that provides each user with a voice mailbox. We can even install a hybrid system that uses both.

Music in Every Room


Used to be that for music to be heard in several rooms, the volume had to be turned up so loud that anyone standing nearby the towering speakers had to shout. Not anymore. We can wire your home for sound in all the common rooms, so party music can be easy, pleasant, and unobtrusive. So speakers can be discreetly mounted in the ceiling. And so you can change the music to match your mood from any room in the house.

Motorized Shading & Drapery


Windows are a key design element in any residence. However, achieving the greatest beauty and efficiency in each room means being able to control the light that surrounds us. Motorized shading and drapery transforms harsh glare into soft pleasing light, enhances privacy while preserving exterior views, reduces solar heat gain, provides UV protection of expensive furnishings and artwork, and provides the ability to change daytime into nighttime for restful sleep. Clients and designers have hundreds of window treatment fabric and color options available to compliment any décor.


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